Bologna presented at MosesCore workshop

Heidi Depraetere is presenting the Bologna project at the MosesCore workshop held in Paris on May 31-June 1.

Machine translation is a complex field and presents many substantial barriers for entry to potential researchers, and users of the technologies. The principal aim of the MosesCore project is to reduce these barriers, making it easier to join and participate in the MT research community, and to become an MT user. MosesCore achieves these aims by organising a variety of events targeted at users, developers and researchers of MT, and by promoting and coordinating the development and use of open source MT tools, in particular the Moses toolkit.

Latest News

EAIE 2013

This year the 25th Annual EAIE Conference is being held in Istanbul.

Bologna final EC review

Bologna partners are gathering in Luxembourg for the final review of the Bologna project on Thursday, April 25th.

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