About Bologna Translation Service

There is a continuing increasing need for educational institutions to provide course syllabi documentation and other educational information in English. Access to translated course syllabi and degree programmes plays a crucial role in the degree to which universities effectively attract foreign students and, more importantly, has an impact on international profiling.

Bologna advantages

Due to budget and time constraints, a large amount of syllabi and study programmes end up being published in the local language only, and translated versions are never made available.

The Bologna Translation Service aims to overcome these problems by providing a low-cost, web-based, high-quality machine translation (MT) service. The service is accessible through a web interface and provides a web services API connecting to universities’ local content repositories where course syllabi and degree programmes are produced and edited.

Cost decrease and speed increase

More use, more re-use, less time and lower cost

By making use of customisation, integration and validation techniques to improve the quality output of MT, the Bologna Translation Service allows citizens, institutions and businesses to access university study programmes previously unknown to them. The Bologna Translation Service helps to increase student mobility. This service plays a role in making degrees, qualifications and awards visible to the labour market, identifying career opportunities and stimulating the research needed to increase European competitiveness. These principles have been clearly identified by the European Commission in the Sorbonne and Bologna Declarations, Lisbon Strategy and the Modernisation Agenda.

Latest News

EAIE 2013

This year the 25th Annual EAIE Conference is being held in Istanbul.

Bologna final EC review

Bologna partners are gathering in Luxembourg for the final review of the Bologna project on Thursday, April 25th.

Bologna Updates

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